The Smell of Success #Netflix365

It can go without saying that the manure business is not glamorous.  The Rose Fertilizer plant had found success but when the owner dies and the estranged daughter is left with the company everything is up in the air.  The salesmen lead by Billy Bob Thornton wants to just push over the daughter. Tea Leone, but she feels the need to stay involved.  Enter: the competition.  A new company is taking clients that once bought from the company.  The story continues with the old school traveling salesmen/family business against the new scientific modern company.  Can the determination of the daughter and the traditional salesmen win over the modern competitor, or is the stink of business to much to bare?

This independent film is set in farmland Kansas.  There are some unique camera and production values.  The idea of a manure company working with the efficiency of an army is interesting (airdrops included).  The story is easy to follow, there is a chemistry with Tea Leone and Thornton.  The acting is decent.  I am positive this is the number one drama about manure available on Netflix instant streaming.

What are you watching?



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