My Comics Pull List

In no particular order, this is a list of what I am reading over the month.  I am mostly a DC guy, with Batman and Green Lantern/GL Corp being my favorites.  You can usually find me on Wednesday’s at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH for new comic book day (depending on my cash flow).

Please use the comment section below to talk comics or give recommendations, I am always up for a new read (but it has to be good).

Green Lantern Corp

Justice League


Suicide Squad

Crossed (check out the free web comic “Wish You Were Here”, not for the faint of heart)

Green Lantern


Batman & Robin

Detective Comics

Stitches (recommended by my friends at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH)

Red Lanterns

Lock & Key

The Cape

Road Rage

Green Arrow

Hero Worship

The Strange Talents of Luthor Strode (recommended by my friends at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH)

Green Lantern Corp: The New Gardians

I, Vampire

Dark Knight

Kick Ass 2

Hit Girl



Creator Owned Heros

Fanboys VS Zombies

Marvel Zombies Destroy!

Before Watchmen


View Sean Gatcomb’s check-ins on GetGlue


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