The Flash #Netflix365

My last goal for this site was to take a challenge. The challenge was to write about a different program on Netflix for each day of the year (#Netflix365). I was successful for 251 days posing #Netflix365. 

Many reasons contributed to falling off of my daily post. Life gets in the way of even the smallest tasks. 

Writing a blog, regardless of the subject, is meant to be read by more than just the writer, but getting eyes on can be difficult, and should not be more important than the content. There was a point that I was getting 1000 views per day. My problem was that the links, video and comments did not reflect this.  

I owe 104 posts. This is not War and Peace. This is me watching TV. I have enjoyed watching and writing about TV and wish to continue. I will be focusing on content rather than the number of views.

 If you do enjoy a post please leave a comment. If you hate a post please leave a comment. Thank you for reading and on to #Netflix365 number 252 “The Flash”. 

There are number of super hero shows on television today. I watch them all. I enjoy comic books and I prefer to collect single issues (Wednesday is the best day of the week). Others prefer to get either the hard cover or trade paperback collection. This could mean that I would prefer to watch the latest super hero defeat villains  as they are aired. I do not. Binge watching is the greatest thing ever and Netflix indulges me with plenty to binge. 

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is The Flash. There are at this point two seasons of the show on Netflix.  the Flash has great action and fair dialogue. I enjoy watching, the stories have been thrilling and fun. For the most part the dialogue is decent. The cross over episodes with Arrow and Super Girl (also Legends of Tommorow) are better than most crossovers in the past (Superman Meets the Brady’s). 

If I had one criticism it is that Barry Allen is very dramatic. The Flash needs to be more fun and sarcastic. 

Thank you for reading,



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