Rosewood Lane #Netflix365

A psychologist radio show host moves into her childhood home, on Rosewood Lane, after her father passes away.  The father was found at the bottom of the cellar steps.  The death was chalked up to a drunken fall.  The doctor, Rose McGowan, meets her new neighbor who does not have kind words about her father, then tells her to stay away from the paperboy.  The paper boy then introduces himself the the new resident, immediately showing hostility.  The tension grows as a mysterious caller into the radio program recites a nursery rhyme.  When she gets home she notices that somethings are out of place and calls a friend to come over.  They find nothing, the police find nothing.  McGowan is then in the cellar and the paperboy steps out of the shadows.  So when she finds things moved in her home McGowan panics and calls in the troops, but when the paperboy is in the house, the reaction was underwhelming.  The police do not believe her, others believe that she believes, until the boyfriend is pushed down the stairs.  The blame never shifts to the doctor, but they do not think a paperboy would do this.  The police never question the neighbors, so the doctor goes to get some answers.  The neighbor tells a creepy story of the deranged paperboy and the fights that the doctors father had with him.  Every time the police came out, again they chalked up to drunkenness.  The implication was that the paperboy pushed the father down the stairs.  But then the neighbor just walks away during the middle of the conversation.

The movie does offer some thrills, the acting is not bad, but there did not seem to be a clear connection between the paperboy and the doctor, with no reason to why the paperboy would be such a dick.  Also there were nursery rhymes thrown in for no reason, non sequitur, other than they sound creepy when they are said in a creepy voice.  There are other flaws with the movie including not many questions being answered at the end of the film.  The movie is not awful, but it also does not satisfy as great.  Not since 1985’s Better Off Dead, has there been a better psycho paperboy.  “I want my two dollars!”

What are you watching?



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