Fear Itself #Netflix365

Fear Itself is an anthology TV series that features stand alone episodes of horror stories.  There were different directors and cast for each of the thirteen episodes.  My favorite starred Elizabeth Moss as a rookie police officer who is tasked with keeping watch over an “Eater”.  The eater is a bad dude who, in this show, kills men because he has no use for them, kidnaps and keeps women, he tortures them (you guessed it) eats them.  But of course this is not your garden variety cannibal.  He is a Cajun one that uses black magic.  To combat this you do not have your average rookie female police officer either.

This is a fun series that is worth a look.  Even though it was made for TV, the quality of the episodes create a suspense and thrill that is lost on lesser programs.  

What are you watching?



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