Hap & Leonard #Netflix365


Hap and Leonard is a Sundance Channel program.  The pulp noir features James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. Williams (The Wire).  Set in the late ’80’s, the two are asked to join a treasure hunt for money lost in a decades old bank robbery.  Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Haps ex-wife, complicates things with the crew due to her moral view of the world and her past relationship with Hap (and Leonard).  There are many twists and turns including a second pair of treasure hunters that cause a tremendous amount of chaos for both the general public and the main characters.

Hap and Leonard was a great binge (season 1 on Netflix).  Although the story and characters are dead serious, there are comedic elements that, although dark, make the corning-p116-1program fun to watch. Production value is fair to high with many elements of the 80’s are highlighted (maybe to much, Corningware Percolator).

I did enjoy and strongly recommend.



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