Green Wing #Netflix365

Green Wing is a British comedy series starring Tamsin Greig (Black Books).  The show is set in a hospital and focuses on a handful of doctors and the human recourses department.  Even though the series is set in a hospital the story is more soap opera than about doctoring.  The song Love Stinks by the J. Geiles Band, “you love her, she loves him and he loves somebody else…”.

The main characters range from normal, delusional and the surreal. Each scene is segued by non sequiturs (nonsense).  The style of the show could be compared to Monty Python (style only, not content).  Green Wing did have a couple of cameo scenes with John Oliver and Stephen Merchant in the first season.  There are two seasons and a special out there but only the first season is on Netflix at this time.

I enjoy British comedy and Green Wing did nothing to stop that.  I am a big fan of non sequitur humor.  The show is over ten years old so some of the clothing and haircuts are dated, but funny is funny.





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