Penny Dreadful #Netflix365


Penny Dreadful is a “neo victorian” horror drama staring Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Pierce Brosnan (James freaking Bond).  the term “penny dreadful” refers to the publication of stories of  salacious and horrific content.

In this program, which aired three seasons on Showtime, the horrific content is about almost every character from victorian age horror books.  The lineup includes: witches, werewolves, Dracula, Dorian Grey, Frankenstein, Frankensteins monster, Bride of Frankenstein, Van Helsing and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (among others).

Pierce Brosnan’s character wants to keep his family safe.  His daughter , Mina, was taken a while back.  With his natural inclination towards travel and adventure along with his missing daughter, Sir Malcolm Murray was introduced to otherworldly creatures and the occult.  Murray enlists the help of Josh Hartnett an American sharpshooter.

There are not a lot of laughs to be had.  Drama, thrills and suspense are what you find (if you dare).  The acting is good and the production value is high.









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