Apartment 143 #Netflix365

Apartment 143 (Emergo original title) is a ghost story.  A team of paranormal investigators is brought into an investigation of strange happenings (like in Paranormal Activity) with a recently widowed man and his two children.  The movie is seen through the cameras of the investigators, cameras placed in the rooms and hand operated cams.  The camera work was very unsteady, for effect, and was beginning to make me a little woozy.  A supposed ghost is haunting the family, presumed to be the deceased mother, due to the ghost following the family from one house to another (like in Insidious).  Apartment 145 does have similarities to many of the same genre like Grave Encounters (but not the same wit).  Apartment 143 tries to be a serious ghost investigation, with the exception of the “Expert” camera operator.  The movie seems to take itself a little too serious at time.  There are a few good effects but the story, in my opinion, is never very clear, except for the investigation part.

Overall the movie was fairly decent with some minor criticism,  during the climax of the movie there is a scene when the apartment is going bonkers with the most of the activity in the daughters room (where she is floating high above her bed).  The person with the camera doing the investigation keeps the camera on everything but the floating girl next to him, why?  The end after the investigation is over and they are packing up the equipment and the two are so obvious when they say that they want to leave one camera behind in order to document everything.  When everyone is gone there is a ghost that appears and runs toward the camera, supposed to be a cheap scare but is so obvious that it is lost.

What are you watching?



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