The Dark Half #Netflix365

Thad Beaumont is is a writer.  Thad Beaumont writes serious books.  Thad Beaumont was not taken by editors as a good writer.

George Stark is a writer.  George Stark writes pulp.  George Stark is successful.  Thad Beaumont and George Stark is the same person.

When Beaumont has a book that is panned, he takes up the nom de plume of George Stark and the rest is history.  Until Beaumont is found out and decides he is going to be rid of George Stark forever…..he is going to kill him.

What happens when murders start happening and George Stark is the prime suspect?

How do you kill your alter ego?

Based on a book by Stephen King, The Dark Half is a suspenseful thriller.  Timothy Hutton plays both parts of “normal” Beaumont and “hard core” Stark.  This has been done in many films and in  it is done well.  As with all horror and supernatural films there needs to be a suspension of belief,  what happens in the film may be possible in the universe it is written and portrayed.

When Beaumont was a child a tumor was removed.  What was found was not a tumor but an unformed twin fetus.  What if that unborn fetus still had a personality that remained in Beaumont and desperately wanted to separate and become an individual?

Watch The Dark Half and find out.

What are you watching?



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