Durham County #Netflix365

Durham County is a crime drama (kind of) set in Canada.  A family moves to Durham County for a new start.  The husband, a homicide detective, lost his partner in a shooting.  The wife is recovering from breast cancer.  The older daughter, seems fairly normal but is upset over having to move  and starting a new school, has a fascination with death and wants to follow in her fathers footsteps.  The younger daughter, fairly not normal, wearing some kind of anime doll head mask, and see’s dead people?

I have only watched the first two episodes of the first season.  This was first aired on Canadian TV, The Movie Network (HBOCanada).  The first episode is as good as most TV programs that are currently on the air.  The show starts off with a man having a picnic with to, obvious underage, girls.  The picnic takes a terrible turn when the man pulls out some flexible handcuffs, long story short, the girls are bludgeoned with a big rock.  This is all happening with someone watching from the woods.  Because it is set in Canada, it is different than a typical USA cop drama.  Durham County does have a Twin Peaks vibe to it.  It is not a bad thing, I enjoy my TV when there is something a little off beat to it.  This gives the show more appeal than just a straight out cop procedural.  The story is not a formula of : crime, interview suspects, arrest, next show same thing.

When the new family moves in, the detective and the neighbor already know each other and have a past.  The detective also has a past with the older daughters new teacher.  Is the detective the “good guy” he appears to be?  What happens when the teacher and the person who may have killed the detectives partner are either killed or assaulted on the same night?  I will be watching to find out.

What are you watching?



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