Talk Radio #Netflix365

In a film directed by Oliver Stone, Talk Radio, has an insiders view of a Dallas talk show host played by Eric Bogosian.  The show is about to be picked up for national syndication.  The host of the show has his idea of how the show should be run, on his own terms without management interference.  Can the host keep his show on his terms? Can the management gain control of the show without losing what made the show a late night mainstay?  Will the host stay with his producer girlfriend or will he go back to his currently married ex-wife?  Are there any callers that can keep a conversation?  Are the death and bomb threats real or a hoax?  Great story, fantastic acting.  This is a simple story told well with a dark edge.  Not the epic story associated with Stone, but in my opinion one of his better films.

One of the best scenes is when the host is at a basketball game to introduce a VIP.  While waiting for his intro many “fans” come up for his autograph, the host signs but does not interact much continuing his conversation like they are just flies.  One “fan” comes up and asks for an autograph and then goes into a rant about how no one likes him, he needs to go, etc…The host tries to fire back but his usual attitude of the typical fan is not smart enough to hold a conversation or have a valid argument overshadows his own point.  The “fan” just laughs at him, throws a drink in his face and walks away giggling.  When it is time for his intro there are fans clapping and cheering mixed with boos and hisses.  This continues until everyone is booing and yelling.  At first the host enjoys the controversy until the sound is over powering, he does not even get to speak when he is escorted from the podium.  Great scene. (it is better than what I could describe)

What are you watching?



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