The Rum Diary #Netflix365

It seems that Johnny Depp has become a cartoon of himself.  Where he was a young and upcoming actor, he shined in A Nightmare on Elm St., 21 Jump Street and Donnie Brasco (as an established actor).  You can see a man who cared about his acting craft.  Now I am not sure what went wrong where I went from thinking that Depp was one of the greats of our time to “I really hope he retires, now” ?  I am not sure if because Depp had early success with Tim Burton and Edward Scissor Hands, or received acclaim for his collaborations with John Waters and giving Waters his deserved recognition as a legitimate film maker, or playing a real person (whether the person is fictional or not) is just no fun for Depp.  We did get to see a good performance in Public Enemies and even Ed Wood.  It just seems to me that most of his roles after are just a parody of himself.  The Mad Hatter, Willie Wonka, Jack Sparrow, and even Hunter S. Thompson.

Personally I have enjoyed Depp in From Hell, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Secret Window.  I can understand that if your first movie is a horror movie there may be a type cast issue and the fact that he was “that good” to overcome that is impressive.  I did like the first Pirates of the Caribbean (I like the others too just not Capt. Sparrow) but there was too much Jack Sparrow.  Now every Halloween we get douche bags dressed as pirates acting like drunk douche bags (never breaking character).  I would rather thank Mr. Depp for his portrayal of Detective Frederick Abberline than the creation of a bunch of jerks in October.

On to the Rum Diary.  This is based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson.  The main character is not named Hunter S.Thompson but if I had to guess, it’s him.  It may be a pre drugged out Thompson but it is him.  Depp plays a new reporter for a failing news paper in Puerto Rico.  It is a story of forbidden love but could also be the story of how Thompson was introduced to LCD.  The production was good, the screen play was okay.  I think that Hunter S. Thompson was a crazy character and is a case of the truth is stranger than fiction, I have seen many documentaries and programs about the man and have a large amount of respect for him and his right to free speech.  This story just did not grab me.  I also think that Depp playing the Gonzo reporter is played out.  I understand that the two had a friendship, Thompson had many famous friends.  I do not hat Depp, or the movies he has been in, just a little tired of the cartoon of Johnny Depp.

What are you watching?



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